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Wed Oct 27 10:03:26 CDT 1999

i would like to begin by saying the foll:
no debate  or question is futile in it's own place,but there is a place for
a student of 1st standard asking:'what is 2+2'? is ok,but a student of a
higher standard asking the same question will get nothing but ridicule!!!
also,it would be the height of immaturity to unnnecessarily criticize
sw.vivekananda who has done more concrete things for our ancient philosophy
and religion than anyone present on this list,and definitely he does not
require any certificate from us .

now for my main topic:
"snake is seen as rope because of illusion ,but there must have been
a previous experience of the snake to bring up the idea of the snake-
which leads us to the conclusion that there must have been previous
existence of snake,to this vedanta says that previous illusion was cause of
the previous (erroneous) experience of snake and this illusion is
have i understood correctly?,pl. advise.
secondly would it be a good idea to have discussion/satsang on the gita
with lord sankara's comm.,starting from the begining.?as known to all it is
quite dificult to grasp lord sankara's comm. and i am sure many members
will benefit greatly by mutual sharing of ideas.if all the members are
agreed then we can begin
in one or two days-alloting ,say,2-3 days for discussion on one shloka,what

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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