BrahmanAs and their jobs

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--- "Dr. S.R.Marur" <smarur at EASI.SOFT.NET> wrote:
> With the dharma shAstric injuction that a brahmanA should engage
> himself ONLY in learning and later teaching vEdAs and associated
> scriptures, this community seemed to have dedicated itself to this
> purpose completely, without having any other vocation and subsisting
> purely on grants/alms from rulers and trading communities
> (esp. ChettiAr-s).

  Also, I have heard from elders that another hall mark feature of
Brahmanism was poverty.  Southern Brahmins are more orthoprax ( maybe
due to lack of "foreign" influences like muslim rule, especially in the
deep south ).  And as far as I know, very few Southern brahmins were
prosperous ( I believe this is not the case up north ).

   What I was told was that the accumulation of wealth and the
accumulation of wisdom cannot be contemparenous.  In literal terms, "it
is like putting a car in reverse gear and expecting it to go forward".
I believe even the AchAryas have said that active pursuit of wealth is
not a brahmanical virtue.  I would like to know what the list members
feel about this issue.




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