BrahmanAs and their jobs

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>On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> >Throughout
> >recorded history Brahmanas have had other occupations to materially
> >sustain themselves.  Yet side by side they also practiced their
> >duties.  Modern times haven't really changed anything in this regard.
>History of brahmanAs of south India seems to contradict this
>Even during the previous muslim rule, this community seemed to have
>carried on with their vEdic duties, with whatever little resources they

Just the opposite seems to be true, especially in the Gangetic plains from
where my family comes from. Starting from about the time of Islamic empires,
throughout north India Vedaadhyaya seems to have been relegated only to a
few cities (Kashi) and the Mathas of various Dharmacharyas. Even the
tradition of Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath was interrupted. The example of my
family's caste, Tyagi Brahmins, and the Bhumihars of Bihar and Eastern UP is
a case in point that these Brahmins existed on land grants by various kings.
On account of these grants, they gave up the other occupations Brahamins
engaged in such as teaching Shastras and doing Poojas in people's homes.
However, even though the income now came from land, they were forbidden from
actually farming the land. The traditions of Vedaadhyaya, Yagnopavit and
Sandhyavandanam was continued. However, in recent times, the taboo of not
touching a farming instrument was given up with the result that you now have
Brahmin farmers. It is perhaps because the hand of Islam didn't quite come
down that heavily on South INdia as it did on the North.


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