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>The following Rig vedic mantra also advocates the adoration of viShNu
>for the attainment of spiritual enlightenment:
>tamu stotAraH pUrvyam yathAvida
>R^itasya garbham janushA pipartana
>Asya jAnanto nAma cidviviktana
>mahas te viShNo sumantim bhajAmahe
>It means: O hymnists! put an end to your recurring births by attaining
>the real knowledge of that ancient being who is eternal and true.
>Understanding these names of viShNu, repeat them always.  Let the others
>repeat or not repeat Thy holy names: we, O viShNu, shall adore Thy
>charming effulgence.

 This particular mantra from the R^ig Veda (MaNDala 1) is the basis
 of the various "nAma-sankIrtana" movements. Chanting the names of
 God, therefore, plays a key role in worship. This mantra validates
 the efficacy of various sahasra-nAma's, ashhTottara's, etc. of deities.

 For comparison, also see the mantra of the R^ig Vedic version of the
 Rudram, 2.33.8, which says "namasyA kalmalIkinaM namobhir.h gR^iNImasi
 tveshhaM rudrasya nAma" , adoring the God who destroys sins with
 obeisances, we chant the illustrious names of Rudra!"


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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