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Wed Feb 24 11:28:56 CST 1999

Pranams and Namaste to all

Sorry about  making a comment about Sri Jaladharji and trains - the only
light thing I saw in the discussions earlier was these trains possibly being
on the same track - no offence was meant. He is already aware of this.

The points raised by Sri Vaidyaji are very interesting and I do wish to
continue in the spirit of sincere enquiry. I will continue to offer my
limited knowledge in this field:-

Maya as: -

'son of a barren woman'

this can be called a statement which has  contradition as 'a priori'
i.e. statment which has terms which are in contradition by their very
Hence whether  they can throw any light on the nature of maya becomes a
matter of opinion.

We can construct any number of sentences which by the very definitions are
in contradition and put them together. How will this help us understand
'maya' would be my question?

I am very grateful for your input and feel this disucssion can now go to
even higher levels.  In the spirit of true and humble enquiry.

Vivekananda Centre London

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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