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Namaste and pranams to all

Some time back I posed a question about rope in the snake does/does not illustrate the relationship between maya and brahman. We have had lot of interesting discussion. We had contributions by many learned people on the mail list. I thank all of them for their efforts and hard work. I am specially impressed by the humble and sincere contributions we saw from Sri Nandaji Sri Ashishji and Sri Harshaji. It reflects the true nature of spirituality. Shankara has always advocated these as pre-requisites for spirituality. The rest of us have a great deal to learn from these learned scholars. Their humility is a reflection of their mature intellect. To the best of my ability I have systematically pointed out the flaws I saw in these replies. There are flaws in every response we have seen so far - the discussions have gone far enough - it is futile to continue. If you also feel in your heart of hearts, that there are flaws - try and resolve them for your own benefit, I am not going to interfere.

The thing that stops us from giving the correct response is 'ego'. "We have a dogma to defend. We have a personality to uphold. We have a school of philosophy to defend." With this burden on our shoulders how can we talk Advita? Some may say this is what we are about anyway. If we mention the word Advaita on our list we then have an obligation not to reduce this subject to our limitations or to drag it down with us. Is there one amongst us who says he is 'established in adviata'? - Then why not a spirit of wanting to learn from others?

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