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On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Vivekananda Centre wrote:

> Sir - I am a student of Maths and can appreciate the algebra above. Provided
> you give all parameters about the trains we can work out when they will
> meet. We do no need timetable for it. The concepts are both of the relative
> world and the relative world can work out the details you require very
> easily. How does this solve the problem of explaining the relationship
> between maya and brahman - do we think the relationship of maya and brahman
> is this trivial?

Conceptually it is that trivial.  Which doesn't mean it is at all easy in

> In your last sentence you say:
> 'snake-rope example illustrates suprimposition nothing more. Do not read
> anything else into it.'
> Do you mean to say that the statement we started with
> 'snake in the rope DOES illustrate relationship between maya and brahman'.
> perhaps may not be the best example ?

Without any knowledge of what you consider "good" in terms of examples,
how can that question be answered.  It has worked for thousands of years
and it works for me.

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