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Sun Feb 21 14:15:15 CST 1999

praatarnamaami tamasaH paramarkavarNaM
    puurNaM sanaatanapadaM puruushhottamaakhyam.h .
yasminnidaM jagadasheshhamasheshhamuurtau
    rajjvaaM bhuja.ngama iva pratibhaasitaM vai ..

The above is the 3rd stanza in the praatahsmaraNa stOtra by Sri
Shankara. In the last 2 lines he refers to the same thing we were
talking about. Rough meaning ( I do not know Sanskrit well) comes to 'In
whom this entire world is seen AS a snake is seen in a rope'. Other
members might understand the stOtra better. 'iva' as we know talks of a
comparison. It is just a simile. It is just an analogy to drive home the
point we were trying to discuss. Sri. Jaldhar is trying to say the same.
We should not try to read into that analogy too much.  What do other
learned members (Sris. Giri, Rama, Vidya) say ?

Thank you,

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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