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jay wrote in response to the post from Srinivasji

let us get back to the main theme

'The snake in the rope DOES  illustrate the relationship between maya and

Srinivasji has kindly responded with:

I have to split hairs here. 'snake in the rope' is a wrong way of putting
it. It is better if it is 'rope as snake'. So

        seeing rope as snake :: seeing Brahman as xxxxxx(whatever)

jay replies:

We are now dealing with the logic of language.  May be logic of language
holds the key to this interesting theme - we are grateful to srinivasji for
pointing us in this direction.
Let us re-examine the statement after changing 'in' to  'as'.

snake as rope  :: maya as brahman

When you replace the 'in' with 'as' - you have now put maya and brahman on
equal status because now you have put rope and snake on equal status thereby
maya has the capacity of replacing brahman (as above). So we have ended up
with two ultimates.

We need help from other learned members of the list.

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"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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