Lovers Love Completely!

Harsha (Dr. Harsh K. Luthar) hluthar at BRYANT.EDU
Mon Feb 15 13:18:23 CST 1999

Harsha: The following is a stanza from one of my poems. I read it today
after a long time and it made me smile. I wrote it some years ago
remembering Sri Ramana's heart rending immortal Hymns to Arunachala that he
wrote at the request of his devotees (so they could sing it when they went
to town to beg for food). The first time I heard someone singing
Arunachala-Siva...I was literally thunder struck.

Here the devotee sings to the Goddess.

Either let me be intoxicated
in your love completely
or put on my robes of joy
and rob me absolutely.
Judge me guilty
in the court of love
or absolve me absolutely
find me flawed if you like
but never hold me weakly
no middle ground is possible
for lovers who love completely!

In Total Gratitude

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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