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My name is Prem Rishi and the screen name is Veddham. I live in NJ, USA.
day while searching on the Internet on Hinduism, I got the website of
respected 'giridhar.' And after that started asking some questions from
him on
Hinduism. He answered them fast and effectively. In order to get a
perspective on advaita, he recommended me to join this site. We have
opened a
small ashram in our home by the name of Veddham, where daily satsang
place. Devotees of all ages come and ask all kinds of questions such as:
God created this universe, who I am, what is the casual body, should we
our guru if guru is not with us in a physical body etc. Then every
and Fridays we have a Geeta Class and after that there is a Q/A period.
site will aid us tremendously. And then, there is a dream of every
devotee to know and know more about Adi Shankara. Being a new student on
Vedas and since Shankar Acharya established the Vedas in all his maths,
want to know more about him, his philosophies, his thoughts and how he
able to single-handedly rejuvenate Hinduism when Buddhism was so strong
his period. For all these reasons I would like to be added to the list.
Regards and Harihi Om.

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"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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