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>                                                     Om
> In Gita Sri Krishna Paramatma said  "Jatasya Dhruvam Mrituv"
> We see that truth ourselves in this world.
> Now in puranas it was mentioned that there are seven persons (all males) who
> are chiranjeevis.  Hanuman, Markandeya, Aswthama, Bali, Vibhushan, Krupacharya
> and one more.
> I asked some learned people in India and their responses are:
> They are Divamsa sambhutulu,  Karana Janmulu
> If that is so why not Adi Shankara, Ramana Mahrishi and Ramakrishna
> Paramahamsa.   They are gone but their names remain forever.
> But in the matter of chiranjeevis Hanuman etc. their forms and names are still
> supposed to be existing somewhere- They only know.
> Why would anybody wants to be a chiranjeevi?
> Nagy

Perhaps you have heard of Paramhamsa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. His
guru, Sri Sri Yukteshwarji Giri was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Sri Lahiri
Mahashaya. Sri Lahiri Mahashaya was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Mahavatar
Babaji, a person said to be still alive, somewhere in the Himalayas. He is said
to have initiated Adi Shankara and Saint Kabir into Kriya Yoga. His purpose is to
give the Supreme Truth to those desirous of it. He has been alive for several
thousand years now, somewhere in the caves of Himalayas near Badrinarayan.


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