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1. Is there any difference between God-realisation and self-realisation?

     No.  In truth, there is no realization at all because there is nothing
to realize and no separate "one" really present to be "realized."
Believing that there is something to attain  keeps us, in effect, waiting
patiently for the so-called "Enlightenment Bus."  However, this "bus" will
never show up no matter how many "spiritual dues" we pay by chanting,
meditating. etc.   In other words, you are not only already "on" the bus,
you ARE the bus itself!

     The mind will NEVER be enlightened, and you will never be able to be
there as a witness to your own so-called "awakening."  You already ARE who
(and what) it is that you've been waiting for.   Consciousness doesn't need
to be "awakened" into some kind of "realization."   The One-who-is-asleep
is exactly the same as the One-who-is-awake.  It is what It is.

 2.It is true that all who are born die. Also whoever dies is reborn.

     Karma and reincarnation exist as long as there is the illusion of a
separate and distinct "self."  In other words, if you consider yourself to
be the "causer," then it follows that "you" will be obliged to, seemingly,
"hang around" in order to receive the full effects of the so-called
"causes" that you have set into motion.  The same thing is true for
reincarnation.  BUT...if all separation is illusory, then "who" is it that
is actually being reincarnated?  "Who" has ever really "died" in the first
place in order to be "re-born?"

3. A Jivanmuktha is all-knowing and is not subject to ignorance. He views
>everything with an equal eye.

     A Jivanmuktha does not "view" anything because there is no "separate"
thing to be viewed.   Actually, neither the Jnani, his "equal eye  nor the
"viewed object" is really present at all.   Only the Self is present.

>Also is it true that he knows bout his previous births and can  also find
out >the previous and future course of Births of the people who  approach

     They are only dreams-within-dreams.  But, "who" is the Dreamer?

 4. It is said that the Goal of human life is self-realisation. that is to
attain the state of Birthlessness. While in this world we talk and do
things  mainly to attain the state of deathlessness or immortalaity. Why
this  paradox?

     We appear to be compelled to go in two opposite directions at the same
time:  to validate our historical ego-self through aparent do-ership and,
at the very same time, to rid ourselves of the burdensome mantle of
individuality.   Since the ego-self is not willing to die to
who-it-thinks-it-is, it fears total annihilation when exposed to the
brilliance of Pure Consciousness.

     But it IS both what it fears AND what it desires at the same time.
It's like Uroborus, the snake-in-a-circle that devours its own tail.  The
"head" of the snake is Desire:  it points, grasps and feasts.  The "tail,"
on the other hand, is Fear:  it is pointed at, grasped and feasted upon.
Finally, the
snake disappears and all that it left is the skin that was shed.  Don't
confuse the skin with the snake.

5. To attain the state of Birthlessness (Moksha), self realisation
>is the only way. Is it true that only a few people can achieve it?

     If all separation is truly illusory, then how is "individual"
enlightenment even possible?  In other words, what "separate" being is
really "there" to be "enlightened" in the first place?   It's all only the
lila of Consciousness pretending to be not-Consciousness.

>If a persons desires for Atmajnana and if he sincerely works for it can he
>achieve it?

     Yes and no.  Consciousness will, seemingly, wake up to Itself, but
this "he" will have to be totally annihiliated.   After that, there is no
separate one present to claim this "attainment."

> A Guru is very essential for  this purpose. But we do not know where He
is. >How can we find our Guru?

     Yes, a teacher is necessary, but give up your idea about what this
spiritual "guru" should look like.  It may not show itself to you as a
physical person.  The Guru is ever-present and it will always appear to you
as everything that you say that you are NOT.  In a very real sense,
whatever seemingly "happens" to you IS, in fact, the guru's teaching.  It
will slowly awaken you from your delusion that "you" are separated from the
Consciousness that you are seeking.   Here's another paradox:  IT is really
its OWN guru!

6. Atmajnana or self-realisation is a state of Advaita. How can we
>acheive  that? If there is an object of desire(here Atmajnana), there will
>be a person  desirous of it (here, the Mumukshu). When it is like this it
>becomes Dvaita. In  this condition how can one truly understand Advaita?
>People say that Atmajnana  will come on its own and nobody can say when it
>will come. If this is true, if  we remain as such and hope for it to
>happen, will it happen? Or should we go  after and seek?

     But, it will never come.   To say that it will show up for you implies
that It is not fully present right here and right now.  You can never get
to It because you already ARE It.    Can you be "more" in the chair that
your body is sitting it right now?  Believing that it will show up for you
some time in the future, though, is exactly what is providing the momentum
that Consciousness needs to got out looking for Itself.   It is what it is
looking for!   What a dance!

With Blessings,
             Chuck Hillig

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