About Advaita, self and Jivanmuktha

Keith Aitken aitken5480 at HOME.COM
Sat Dec 18 06:56:27 CST 1999

Wow you have a lot of questions, I can hardly wait to hear some of the
answers, I am new to this list and you will get some very learned
answers from the others, but I will speak on only one of your questions
because I think it sort of answers a lot of the others.

> Carex Marketing Private Limited wrote:
 > 2.It is true that all who are born die. Also whoever dies is reborn.

Only bodies die, we are not the body, the Self (what you and I are)
never dies and was never born. Our obsession with the body makes us
worry about death and rebirth. The question "who am I" is the question
to consider. The body changes and can be observed. What we can observe
we can not be, so we are not the body.
You have asked how to realize the Self, ....good question!!
Meditation, follow the words of the guru, read scriptures, pause between
activities and remember the Self, whenever it comes to mind bring the
words of the Upanishads or the Gita to mind. Currently I am remembering
these words.
(I do not know them in Sanskrit) "I am the Self, seated in the Heart of
all beings"

You will hopefully get some more complete answers from some of the
others, but the above has been my path (along with a lot of other things
**and** most importantly being part of a school, where I can ask such

Best wishes,


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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