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>A work which deals extensively with reality (or the lack of it) is
>khandanakhandakhadya of Shriharsha.
>Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at>
>On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Devendra Vyas wrote:
>> swami. vivekananda says that the absolute appears as the phenomenal world
>> us because of maya,this he calls nama-rupa and also space-time
>>,this explanation of his is very similar to kant's
>> analysis,but swamiji says that this was first worked out in the vedanta
>> was termed as desha-kala-nimitta.while references to nama-rupa are
>> in vedantic texts,can anyone tell me where a reference to
>> can be found,--devendra.r.vyas.

    The desha-kAla-nimitta concept naturally follows from the
    descriptions in the upanishads. In the advaita-prakaraNa of
    the GauDapAda kArikA, it is explained how the Self is said to
    appear as individual souls just as AkAsha (space) exists as
    delimited inside pots. Also, anything that is born must die,
    (see gItA: "jAtasya hi dhruvo mR^ityuH)so it naturally follows that
    anything that is born is delimited by Time, ie. its occurence is
    limited to a period of time. There is no recourse to Western
    philosophy involved in arriving at these conclusions.


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