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On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Venkateswaran wrote:

> Thanks for welcoming into Advaita List.
> I have been reading books on advaita for the last 3 years and have got a
> basic idea about the philosophy.  I have not had an opportunity to meet
> people who are practising advaita in their daily life.  I am keen to
> understand how advaita could be practised in daily life and I feel the
> Advaita List will be an invaluable place to get information about the lives
> of people who practised advaita and also some practical tips in addition to
> scholarly discussions on relevant topics.
> Regards
> Venkateswaran.

Strictly speaking, only two or three members of the list are "practising"
Vedanta as according to Shankaracharya this requires sannyasa--complete
physical and mental tyaga.  For the rest of us, the path is to perform all
actions, whether worldly or religious as a dedication to Bhagawan without
desire for the results.  This is what is called karmayoga in the Gita.  In
that sense too, Vedanta is "impractical" we should expect nothing from it.
That's why those people who interpret karmayoga as "social consciousnes"
or some such are missing the mark IMO.  It is good and noble to help
people but "progress" and other such ideals just entangle you further in
samsara rather than seperating you which should be the goal.  And that
ultimately causes more pain and suffering to other people.

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