Note on Vedic shAkhAs

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>One possible basis for the veda assigned to the maTha may be the vedic
>shAkA of the AchArya assigned to the mAtha. My guess may be wrong. As
>an aside for the new comers to the list, AmnAya stotram posted on the
>list sometime back has a wealth of information of the four AmnAya
>--- "Anand V. Hudli" <anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
>>   If I remember correctly, the Veda assigned to Jyotirmath was the
>>   atharva veda with toTaka as the mathAdhipati. I am not aware of
>>   any association of the Veda assigned to a Math to the number of
>>   followers of that Veda in the region. True, Sringeri was assigned
>>   the Yajur Veda and we do find a large number of Yajur Vedins in the
>>   South. But Puri, if I remember correctly, was assigned the Rg veda.
>>   Does this mean there were a large number of Rg vedins in that area,
>>   ie. the east? Historically, the western part of India, including
>>   Maharashtra, and parts of Karnataka have had followers of the Rg
>> Veda.
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