Note on Vedic shAkhAs

Ravi miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 23 19:50:22 CDT 1999

One possible basis for the veda assigned to the maTha may be the vedic
shAkA of the AchArya assigned to the mAtha. My guess may be wrong. As
an aside for the new comers to the list, AmnAya stotram posted on the
list sometime back has a wealth of information of the four AmnAya

--- "Anand V. Hudli" <anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>   If I remember correctly, the Veda assigned to Jyotirmath was the
>   atharva veda with toTaka as the mathAdhipati. I am not aware of
>   any association of the Veda assigned to a Math to the number of
>   followers of that Veda in the region. True, Sringeri was assigned
>   the Yajur Veda and we do find a large number of Yajur Vedins in the
>   South. But Puri, if I remember correctly, was assigned the Rg veda.
>   Does this mean there were a large number of Rg vedins in that area,
>   ie. the east? Historically, the western part of India, including
>   Maharashtra, and parts of Karnataka have had followers of the Rg
> Veda.

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