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>In the shrImukham to the commentary on shrI nilakanTha dIkshita's
>AnandasAgarastavaH which emphasizes on sharaNagati to ambaL and arguing
>on the difficulty of other methods, kAnchi periyava says that this
>argumentation style falls under ths type
>"apashavo vaa anye go ashvebhyaH"

 This means "those other than cattle and horses are not animals."
 Or it could also mean (bahuvR^IhI) that "those other than who have
 cattle and horses, have no animals." I am unaware of the details of
 the context. It may be that nIlakaNTha dIkshita is arguing in the
 same sense as:
 "there is no alternative other than surrendering to God"
 (anyathA sharaNaM nAsti; tvameva sharaNaM mama; raxa raxa janArdana)
 "there is no other refuge; You alone are my refuge; protect me O


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