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On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Prashant G wrote:

> hello all.,
> I have been a member of this list for quite a long time, I have not participated
> actively, but I am going through all the mails and I feel I have still a long
> way to go to participate in some of the topics which are currently being
> discussed.

Btw list members shouldn't feel that just because we discuss advanced
topics, questions on the basic ones aren't welcome.  When the work on the
search engine is complete (soon) we'll ask you to look in the archives
first because many topics have already been covered but questions from
anyone willing to learn are welcome.

> I need a simple clarification
> I have heard that in Vedas there was no mention of temples anywhere because
> Vedas clearly say that You see God in every soul.

Although the Vedas do say that, they also give a wide range of elaborate
yagnas and other external rituals too so while this may be a reason, it
cannot be the only reason.

> So when did this tradition of temples came, and why?

I don't know but I can hazard a few guesses.  A theory some historians
consider is that at one time our ancestors were nomads so couldn't put up
permanent fixed structures.  Later when they settled down the practice of
using speacial buildings came about.  This cannot be proven though.

We have a long tradition of considering certain places as sacred tirths.
Even now most famous mandirs are associated with oe tirth or another.  So
a mandir is a generalized version of a tirth.  Just as a tirth is a
mountain or lake etc. the gopuram or tank or other features of a mandir
may be stylized representations of the same.

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