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>Dear Members,
>shrI appayya dIkShita is an important figure. Wherever I have read I
>have seen only praises and tributes paid to him. My understanding is he
>is a held in high regard by both smArtha-s and shrIvaishNava-s. If
>such a person had lost in a debate to some X then it would have made a
>big news and referred by other sources. For instance if USA loses in a
>a war to say Nepal or Bhutan, do you think it will not be written big
>in the pages of history.
>So I would say one need additional references on this topic. Or better
>drop the subject. Personally I do not believe this story and I will not
>unless I see a reference to it from an Acharya of kAnchi or
>With respects,

 I agree. Appayya dIkshita is considered one of the luminaries of
 the advaita system. While quoting stories of appaya's debates with
 others, the _least_ one can do to honor him is to _thoroughly_ check
 the authenticity of the accounts. Just one-sided accounts can hardly
 be called impartial and accurate. One must neither give in nor encourage
 rabid fanaticism and sectarian frenzy.


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