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Thu Apr 1 15:19:25 CST 1999

Nagy writes :

>Many people Scholars and and Saints say that You control the mind by
>and or some other practice.  The don't define  who this "YOU" is.  I
will tell
>you this "YOU" is Jada.  Can't do anything.  Its like a  piece of wood.

If the "YOU" or the "I" is indeed jada, how come it's expressing itself
this forum? If you are implying that which is doing this act is not the
then what's it? Anyway since you're able to objectify it, it cannot be
you and
hence it follows that it cannot be the "I" either.

>Mind has to control itself.  Mind has to police itself.

If mind is apart from you, how would it matter to you if it polices or
itself? And why should it even take the effort?

To logically split the Self and the mind, is an impossible task. That
mind is apart from the Self can only be proved by experience - sincere
sadhana aided by the shruti - Atma vichAra - which would result in
vivekam -
in its truest form - to "know" the Self - which is nothing but moksham.
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