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Hello, my name is Michael-Kim.  I became interested in studying
Advaita Vedanta through simply investigating various mystics of
the world religions over the years and my own growing awareness
and experience of oneness...  I come from primarily a Christian
background.  But, I've encountered many Christian voices that
actually led me to look into the claims of Vedanta--Meister
Eckhart, Pseudo-Dionysius, Henri le Saux and Jules Monchanin, and
Bede Griffiths among others...  Over the past couple of years,
Shankara's life and writings have kept increasing in relevance to
my way of life and experience. And the influence of Ananda
Coomaraswamy's books and essays has really opened me up to
centrality and wideness of scope of this "not-two" spiritual
experience...  By joining this list, I hope to share the joy of
the Advaita Vedanta discovery with other people searching in this
direction--locally, I am fairly isolated with no known
possibilities of conversing with other people on this subject.
Thank you.

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