Defense of later advaitin-s (was An advaita vedAnta toolkit, etc)

Subhanu Saxena Subhanu.Saxena at INTL.PEPSI.COM
Wed Sep 30 04:08:34 CDT 1998

On Saturday September 26, Ramakrishnan Balasubramania, wrote:

> Thanks for the interesting posts "An advaita vedAnta Toolkit" and "Y.
> Subba Rao". I hope I don't sound churlish, but I disagree with quite a
> few of your points :-). Sorry for the delayed and rather long
> response.
> I was not in town for the last three weeks.
        I don't think you sound churlish at all, and thank you for your
learned considered reply.  As a fan of "A no bhadrAha kratavo yantu
vishwataha" I am delighted that someone has taken up for consideration
the different (and more "traditional") view. My responses to Anand Hudli
and Swami Atmananda's emails cover my observations on this one, and I
will not add anything further at this point.  My article on adhyAsa
bhAshyam will give people more food for thought.  I wish everyone out
there success in finding a meaning that is in tune with their inner
intuition from their studies.


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