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A munsiff is a law maker. In modern India, he would be below an
assistant district magistrate, and would have juristiction for a region.
Munsiffs can become judges.

I am guessing that a "village munsiff in South India in the early XIXth
century" as per your question would be a similar type of
person/function.  In ancient village life, the village ruling council
was called the "panchAyat", or council of 5.  I am not sure whether the
munsiff would have been part of this council or not, but a munsiff's
function would have been of a legal nature.



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> namaste !
> Although this has nothing to do with advaita, it would help me if
> somebody in the list could tell me what was a "village munsiff" in
> South
> India in the early XIXth century.
> Thanks a lot and regards
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