shankara's vivaraNa on vyAsa bhAShya of yoga sUtra-s

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Thu Sep 17 15:36:46 CDT 1998

In mAdhava vidyAraNya shankara dig vijaya, in the last chapter,
there is reference to shrI shankara teaching the students of
patanjalis yoga sutra. This happens at Badari and shrI shankara
teaches sUtra-s to the students from a advaita-vedanta
perspective. After learning from, they abandoned the original
commentary and followed shrI shankara's teachings.

I write this in response to shrI Jaladhar Vyas question about the
authenticity of shankara's vivaraNa. In the introduction of the
text, Trevor Leggett also remarks that shankaracharya of sringeri
showed keen interest in the work.

I admit that I am not a scholar, and I do not have enough
material to prove or disprove the authenticity.

It should be noted that the dig vijaya also remarks that the
patajnali's school, after being defeated by shrI shankara,
brought their teachings in line with advaita vedAnta.

I should admit that I have not read the vivaraNa (except here and
there, few pages) and not planning to do so in the near future.
As my priority is to learn bhagavad gIta bhAShya.  More
interested in the Lord's teaching than the sUtra-s of his bed*


*patanjali is an incarnation of shrI Adishesha

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