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Guy Werlings guy.werlings at WANADOO.FR
Wed Sep 16 13:26:17 CDT 1998

Subhanu Saxena wrote:
> On 13th September, Guy Werlings wrote:
> > Has any member of the list read the book "Mulavidyanirasa" of Mr Y.
> > Subba Rao and could provide a résumé or at least the argumentation.
> >
> > Thanks and regards
> >
> > Guy
> >
> >
> This Sanksrit text was written in 1930 by Yellambalase Subramanya
> Sharma, who was none other than Sri Sri Swami Satchidanandendra
> Saraswati before his initiation into Sannyasa.  ... then follows a long and detailed explanation.

namaste !

Should like to thank Subhanu for this long and learned clarification.



P.S. Perhaps such messages not interesting everone in the list  should
go by direct e-mail and not to the list. Now the problem is all my
messages to Subhanu.Saxena are rejected as follows :

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 Should be grateful if anybody and specially Subhanu could help.D.S.

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