mAdhava vidyAraNya's shankara dig vijaya

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Thu Sep 3 21:54:21 CDT 1998

This is very delightful biography of shrI shankara. It makes the
devotee (reader) very happy in many ways. Reading the biography
itself is a great source of joy, adding to that the fitting
tributes added by author makes it sweeter and on top of it the
wonderful poetic style, make one pause after each verse and takes
the reader to the height of ecstasy. There is a good translation
of this available in English by svAmi tapasyAnanda.  Many nice
aspects related to dharma are taught along with the text to the

In the beginning verses, author expresses his modesty and pleads
to shrI shankara to accept his work. He says:

Lord kR^iShNa is a resident of the milk ocean where is the need
or desire for the Lord to milk (and its products), yet to satisfy
the desire of His devotees (gopikas) and grace them He as little
kR^iShNa stole butter and curds and brought joy to their hearts.
Likewise, there are so many well done works on you O Lord
shankara (bhAshyakAra), please accept this work out of your
boundless grace.

stutopi samyakkavIbhiH purANaiH kR^itya.api nastuShyatu bhAShyakAraH |
kShirAbdhivAsi sarasiruhAkShaH kShiraM punaH kiM chakame na goShTe || 3||

This just one example, verse after verse, the brilliant poetic
style of the work, makes it very beautiful.

With respects,

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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