134. sarvavimohinI

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Thu Sep 3 21:33:04 CDT 1998

134. sarvavimohinI

SHE who deludes all.  By making one to apprehend a thing as
something else, one is deluded.

"aj~nAnenavR^itaM jnAnam tena muhyanti jantavaH" (bhagavad gIta
5-15) - which means Knowledge is shrouded in ingnorance therefore
all living beings are deluded.

"anR^itenAhi pratyUDhaH" [chandogya upaniShad] Dragged by
falsehood, their self is  stolen.

Here the deluding agent is the limiting power of ignorance and
not SHE. Yet, SHE as the basis of darkness and ignorance
primarily, SHE is mentioned here as deluding others by
implication. When one says, "red hot iron burns", we know that it
is not the iron that burns, but the fire that is enveloping it.
Similarly, it is not SHE that deludes but the enveloping

AUM sarvavimohinyai namaH

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