152. kapAliprANanAyikA

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152. kapAliprANanAyikA

SHE who is the basis and  ruler of the life forces of kapAli.

kapAli means one who wears a skull. And here it denotes Ananda
bhairava. SHE is the queen and basis of His life. Here the word
prANa denotes all the five life forces: prANa, apAna, etc. The
term nAyikA means SHE as their basis, rules them. According to
shruti, men do not live by prANa, apAna, etc., but on that on
which they are based. Hence, SHE is the ultimate inner ruler of
even kapAli, that is Lord shiva.

This name can also be interpreted as, SHE is the beloved of Lord

AUM kapAliprANanAyikAyai namaH

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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