151. kaTAkShasyandikaruNA

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151. kaTAkShasyandikaruNA

SHE whose glances drip with kindness.

karuNa or kindness is an attitude of mind and it is not seen
outside. But at the time worship, devotees feel intense faith in
their deities and the also the resulting kindness of the devatA
who grants them boons. Naturally, this kindness manifests in the
forms of benign look, smile and conversation. Hence, all these
forms are present in HER.

karuNA is a rasA (liquid) inherent in all nine emotions. It in
said to flow into and drip from its effects like benign look,
etc.  Conventionally, the word rasA is used to express taste like
sweetness. These are undefinable, but can only be known by
tasting. The sweetness present in sugarcane (and other sources)
in the form of juice has property of flowing and dripping (being
a liquid).  Hence, karuNa, the benign attitude of mind being a
rasA, is said to drip from HER side glances.

AUM kaTAkShasyandikaruNAyai namaH

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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