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Tue Oct 20 11:27:59 CDT 1998

Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote on Mon, 19 Oct 1998 09:32:28 -0500:
> namaste
> In the book "Dancing with Siva" by shrI shivAya subramuniya
> svAmi, there is a reference to something called "shiva-advaita".
> Not much detail is given there though. Author talks about
> "shrI appaya dIkshita" in this regard.

Namaste ! Here is the "boring questioning Guy" again. I do not want to
show any disrespect to anybody and  especially certainly not to a sAdhu,
but can we really take the above mentioned svAmi seriously. We French
people are famous all over the world for being totally ignorant, among
other things, of geography (tru or not it's what the other say of us
anyway). But, in spite of this hereditary ignorace  Ido believe that
every Frenchman knows even approximately where the HimAlaya is. So, to
read about an HimAlayan Academy (hello Plato !) in Hawai is rather
amusing. Of course it must be a pretty nice place to run an electronic
ashram and to deliver daily telephone sermonnettes must be  rather
comfortable and not to exhausting. In that perspective our discussions
as to reading or not the Sruti in translations seem somewhat archaïc.
The "bad guy" stops his remarks here, fearing to be thrown out of the

> I have not heard anything about shAktAdvaita. I am able
> understand only what shiva-vishishtAdvaita (shrIkaNTha) or
> shaktI-vishishTAdvaita can possibly mean. In the realm of
> advaita-vedanta there is very little or no scope for difference
> between shiva, shaktI and shrIman nArAyaNa.THAT I FIND EXCEEDINGLY IMPORTANT.

Thanks once more for having taught me something.

Love and respects


namAmi bhagavatpAdam Sankaram lokaSankaram ||

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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