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On Sat, 17 Oct 1998, Ram Chandran wrote:

> Greetings Ravi:
> Your reply to Shri Guy Werlings truly reveals your strong convictions
> and beliefs. Those who actively engaged in preserving Vedas  have good
> intentions and they also have strong faith on the role of Ishvara. It is
> very difficult for anyone to make judgements on the true attitude of
> others because TRUTH is Self-revealed!  Logic and beliefs are always
> interconnected and consequently logic can be established to support
> individual beliefs.  However, such logic will not be acceptable to
> everyone because different people have different beliefs.

Other peoples beliefs are not at all important for how one practices ones

> Those who
> have strong convictions like you may also ready to forgo the logic that
> comes directly comes out of your own belief.  You should be able to
> understand the logical problem in the above paragraph of your reply to
> Shri Guy Werlings: If we have strong conviction that Amabal is the cause
> of everything, then the Vedas in printed form is also caused by the same
> Ambal! In fact, the Kartha of everything including the attitude which
> undermines the role of Ishvara is also due to the Grace of Amabal!

I'm afraid it is you have misunderstood the problem.  The problem is not
printed editions of the Vedas exist.  They have existed since at least the
10th century and probably earlier.  The problem is that printed texts are
of _no_value_ in comparison to learning them from the mouth of a Sadguru
because She Herself has proclaimed it to be so through her shastras.  All
things are created by Mataji but they are not created with equal worth.
If your employers were to replace your paycheck with horse manure I wonder
what kind of mystical reaction we would get from you!

>  At
> one time, you seem to imply that we are all "Vilaiyattu Bommai -
> Mechanical Toys operated by Ambal"

No, a Bhakta is a dasa or servent of God.  A Bhakta serves God not because
he is forced like a mechanical toy but because he _wants_ to. Out of love
he asks "what does my Bhagavan command?  What more can I do?"  And
Bhagavans wishes are clearly expressed in the shastras.

> and at the same time you appear to
> show your dissatisfaction with some of the actions of Ambal which become
> contradictory to your subjective beliefs!

Ambaji has also caused the war in Kosovo where many innocent people are
getting slaughtered.  Shouldn't we be dissatisfied with that?  Your
thinking lies prostrate in the presence of evil and hence is evil itself.

>  It is easy for someone else to
> point the finger to you and ask:  "Don't you selectively choose to
> believe according to your convenience?"

No we believe according to the dictates Shruti, Smrti and Shistachara.

> Finger pointing is  an easy task and quick reactions and simple answers
> will always have a shorter life span.

The Vedic tradition has lasted thousands of years and is still going
strong.  Your silly modern ideas won't last beyond your lifetime.

>  The more we contemplate and
> think, we can understand others' concerns and complexity of issues.   To
> be consistent with the belief that, "Ambal is the cause of everything"
> is to accept everything that is happening around us.

When you put the rhetoric aside, you don't accept everything happening
around you so why should anyone else?

> Vedas in printed
> form, Vedas in Internet, Vedas in Email messages, Advaita and Advaitin
> Lists, Vedas  translated in different languages correctly and
> incorrectly, Pujas conducted correctly and incorrectly, Vedas pronounced
> correctly and incorrectly and so on and on.  When we choose on our own
> to accept some, reject some and  debate on few, we contradict our own
> beliefs.

So why did you write this post then?  You're contradicting your own

  If you feel that this posting is an attempt to ridicule your
> statements, I want to assure you, that  I do not like to ridicule you.
> On the contrary, I admire your strong conviction and beliefs.  You have
> devoted a significant amount of your time in managing this scholarly
> list and I am aware  that your reply to Shri Guy Werlings is with good
> intentions.  But when you accept that it is HER problem then you to STOP
> questioning and judging the actions and the actors.  Actors and actions
> are illusions and there can be no questions and there can be no answer!
> SHE knows the question and SHE has the answer!

And She has told us the answer.  You are acting like a man who keeps his
eyes tightly shut and then complains it's dark.

On this day of Diwali may Mataji bless Ravi and his family and all those
like him who strive to do the right thing despite the atheists who plague
the Kaliyuga.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at>

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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