Guy Werlings guy.werlings at WANADOO.FR
Sat Oct 3 10:29:21 CDT 1998

Dear All,

Although, this has nothing to do with the main purpose of the list, I'd
like to explain a very minor detail in my typing which might sometimes
irritate the U.S. members, or the ones, apparently quite numerous, of
Indian origin but living in the U.S. I sincerely doubt anyone of you
would blame me for not following the U.S. usage, but as my "correct
grammar" desperately beeps at every ; and every : first I decided not to
use the programme any longer, and second I felt myself more or less
compelled to justify my way of doing things.

Even writing in English, I have kept the French tules for typing
punctuation, because they seem to me logical(and I can't forget that I
am born in the country of Descartes/Cartesius, see how conditionned I
am) and giving texts much more readable and pleasant to look at.

The French rule is that a punctuation consisting of one sign(. ,) is
written with no space before and one space after (same in English), BUT
that a punctuation sign consisting of two elements ( ; ! ? ! ) should be
written with one space before and one after : Hello ! How are you ?
But of course the opening parenthesis has one space before (www and none
after, and the closing one the contrary http).

Cheers ! (not, cheers!)

the narrow-minded guy of the list

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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