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Till now I have posted 160 names which correspond to the first 8
akShara-s. That means we are more than half way and only 7 more
akShara-s remain. I did not post the dhyAna shloka for the text
till now. It is:

atimadhura chApa hastAM aparimitAmodabAna saubhAgyam.h |
aruNaaM atishaya karuNaaM abhinava kulasundarIM vande ||

This shloka, I found, in the book by aNNaa, published by RK
Mission Madras. This book has a abridged version of pUrva and
uttara piiThika also.


I worship shrImAtA who holds an exceedingly sweet
sugarcane in one hand and bows which can confer bliss and
auspiciousness in the other. SHE is red in color like Sun and has
an amazing form of compassion. SHE shines in the chakra-s
starting from the muulAdhAra to sahsrAra  with an ever new

When ambaaL is called aruNaam, it indicates the color of rising
sun. It is bright and beautiful, but not blinding. shrI lalitaa
sahasranAmaM calls HER udhyadbhAnu sahasrAbhA (Like a thousand
rising suns). shrI shankara's mInAkShI pa~ncharatnam goes one
step further and calls HER udhyad.h bhAnu sahasra koTi
saddr^ishAm. SHE is exceedingly brilliant and at the same time
not blinding to HER devotees. How wonderful!!

atishaya karuNaam - SHE is an embodiment of compassion, as we saw
in the name kAruNya vighraha in shrI lalitA trishatI. shrI lalitA
sahasranAmam calls HER avAjakaruNaamUrtiH and karuNaamR^ita
sAgara. HER compassion is boundless. That is why it is called
atishaya (amazing) karuNaam.

I will post the summary of second "ka" of the mantra which occurs
in the second kuuTa (madhya kuuTa or kAmarAja kuuTa). Then
proceed to the "ha" (which is the second and final "ha"). As an
aside, the three ka's and two ha's (katryaM hadvayaM) are


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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