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Thu Nov 19 00:05:44 CST 1998

On Thursday November 19, Ramakrishnan Balasubramaniam wrote:
> . The quote given by shubanu on "warp and woof of all" is COMPLETELY
> different as it
> insists on a substratum. A little thought will show the importance of
> AdhishhTAna, which is missing in the previous illustration. See the
> works of sarvaGYAtman for a fine discussion of this.
        I completely agree-my points 2 and 3 in my email were more about how
the concepts of interconnectness are not unknown in Vedanta, though with a
different standpoint as to what is the substratum.  With regards to my
point 3, I would be interested to hear if anyone has done a systematic
research of Shankara's bhashyas and done a comparative study with current
scientific thinking.  Everything I have come across so far seems to be
lacking rigour, or sounds a little too "New Age".

> This is a good point to take the discussion off-line. We had decided to
> stick to _advaita_ _as_ _taught_ by _sha.nkara_ in this list. Thank you.
Again, agreed-I hope I gave Greg what he needed.



"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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