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Gregory Goode goode at DPW.COM
Wed Nov 18 09:14:26 CST 1998


Thanks for covering so many bases in your well-researched reply to my Net
of Jewels inquiry.  I sent it on to the inquirer, and he asked for a page
reference!  Seems he has an early draft of the Thomas Cleary edition of the
avatamsaka sutram.

Thanks also for the Prasna Up. and Brahma Sutra references.  I had noticed
these concepts at the time I last read these, and agree with you on how
fruitful a source of academic research the "rayi" and "prANa" concepts are
for  early textual references to the source of all things, matter and
energy, consumed and consumer, etc.  These days, there are scientists, Amit
Goswami and Franklin Merrell-Wolff, to mention two, who are treating
Brahman/Consciousness as the sum and substance of everything.  Goswami has
a book called THE SELF-AWARE UNIVERSE, and Merrell-Wolff has EXPERIENCE AND
PHILOSOPHY.  I'm told by Allan Curry (former(?) member of this list) that
academics and scientists taking Consciousness as primary is a tiny minority

Thanks once again!


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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