SankarAcArya's bhagavad gItA bhAshya: 2. 11 - Part III.

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Tue Nov 10 11:48:49 CST 1998

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Charles Wikner wrote:

> done.  Interestingly, the text that I have with Warrier's translation
> (Sri Ramakrishna Math) adds quotation marks in the nagarI which accords
> with your translation: ... na 'aham karami' iti ...
> Perhaps Warrier was associating this with a similar statement in Gita
> 5.8 (naiva kiMcit karomIti yukto manyeta tattvavit | ) where the verb
> is manyeta (vidhi-li"n) and not manyate (laT) as here.

It seems likely. I haven't read the bhAshya on chapter 5 in too much
detail yet. Re: the quotation marks on 'aham karomi' I'm unsure what to
make of them. Such marks are not usually found in Sanskrit texts, and my
feeling is that mss read *nAham karomIti*, and not *na 'aham karomi' iti*.
On the other hand, Warrier could not have himself introduced those
quotation marks and also translated the way he does, so that it is
mysterious where these marks come from. I am still in two minds about the
translation I posted. Perhaps, a dual sense was intended by the
bhAshyakAra, and purposefully so.

> I am thoroughly enjoying this series of posts, and find the pace very
> useful, for it allows time amid the worldly rush for each point to sink
> in deeply.  It is like the slow measured tread of a walking meditation.

Thank you. I would appreciate it very much if those of you who have the
Skt text of the bhAshya go through the translation with the original text,
and point out errors/inaccuracies/ambiguities.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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