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>Thanks for posting this series. I try to read along with you with
>the book by Krishna Warrier. Your pace is also fine.

I do find several errors in the translation by Krishna Warrier. An obvious
one is in Shankara's introduction of BG. Shankara says 'brahmana' (meaning
the caste) and the translation says Brahman (the Absolute) ! I find
other translations (also published by RK math) much better.

>dehasya-api prapa.ncatvAt.h prArabdhAvasthitiH kutaH |
>aGYAni-jana-bodhArthaM prArabdhaM vakti vai shrutiH |

>The body also [occuring] from phenomenal existence, how can prArabdha
>exist [after GYAna]? Only for instructing the ignorant people, the
>shruti talks of prArabdha.

                A similar verse is also found in vivekachudamani. Bhagavan (RM)
explains in an apt way 'If a person who has three wives dies, can you
call only two wives widows ?' Similarly, if the ego is destroyed in
enlightenment, where is the question of prarabdha alone existing
in absence of sanchita, agami karma ? When the karta is destroyed,
how can karma in any form be attributed to Him ? Bhagavan, therefore,
mentions that this theory of prarabdha is said for the ignorant who are
bewildered and can not understand how a jnani can perform normal
actions (like eating etc.) without any identification with the body.

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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