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Namaste Shri Ravi,

It is rather a queer experience to write down about oneself to enable
one's entry into the mailing list. Nay, let me take up the task and try
to give a portrait of myself and my interests in Advaita Vedanta.

I was born in an orthodox Brahmin family and brought up under the
watchful eyes of my parents who were very much interested in instilling
me with the spiritual thoughts as they were in honing my skills for
excelling in the material plane. Every human being is compounded of two
seemingly opposite constituents, the body and the mind. It is the urge
in him to discover the unknown, the unknowable that has made what he is.
Right from my childhood days I had the fortitude of associating myself
with a number of spiritually inclined souls, thus fueling my interests
in understanding the MAN in the real perspective. I was indeed blessed
to mull over the works on various Rishis of our time right from Ramana
Maharishi to Osho, the apparent contradiction between the dvaitha and
the advaita popping up every now and then. The monk who made the
greatest impact on me is Swami Vivekanada. Ever since I read his works,
my mind has been voyaging backwards and forwards in the realms of the
occult. The seeds that had been laid deep and stong within my
subconcious had been blossoming over the years. Luckier than most
colleagues, I had no cause of grievance or frustration against life; but
still there is a void deep down my consciousness, a sense of
incompleteness or unripeness, a mystical feeling that there is a whole
cosmic world beyond the bunker in which the human mind and intellect had
closed themselves, waiting to be discovered in all its splendour and
Currently I am doing my Masters in University of Texas at Austin.
Will be interested in joining the mailing list and sharing my
experiences in the realms of the unknown.

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