Chelluri at AOL.COM Chelluri at AOL.COM
Thu May 28 19:42:45 CDT 1998

I asked an acharya similar question or almost similar. Being desireless for
material things but desiring moksham, is that not a desire. NO, He told me
when the puja is done not for the  benefits of "I" but devata prityardham no
more "I"  nagy is involved.

Usually when we do sandhyavandana we say "dharm ardha kama moksha" sidhyartham
but I say Gayatri preethyardham."   Since we are talking of Gayatri Mantra,
let me say this.  Gayatri mantra is taught during upanayanam usually by father
which means the father was initiated by his father and goes on time


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