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Thu May 28 13:31:38 CDT 1998

>My question
>is, how do I worship bhagavAn without a sense of "I-ness"?  Also, a
>lot of the pujAs, homAs etc. have an objective of propitiation and
>Punya as a result.  Doesn't this cultivate attachment?

Vivek raises a point here which is troubling me too.

The Katha Up states, "when all the desires in the heart fall away, the
mortal becomes immortal and attains Brahman even here". (Thanks to
GMurthy I know this by heart :-)

When we think a bit more about it, there's more to this than meets the

The Taiitriyaa Up (I think) states, "As the desire so the mind (or is it
preconception?). As the mind so the thought. As the thought so the
action -  and as we sow, so shall we reap".

As Prashant pointed out a while back there's nothing that we do for the
sake of itself. So to be devoid of desire, is to be devoid of action. To
be still.

So how can action (in this case prayer) contribute to desirelessness?

OK, I'm aware of the development of chitta suddhi etc So does it mean
that one has to rally and bring together all the spread out desires,
thus transforming them to one single desire of developing chitta suddhi
and attaining it try to go beyond it?

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