moksha and mumukshutvam

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Thanks Mantralaura for timely posting of the shlokas from Panchadasi which is
pertinent to the  other topic VairAgyam under discussion.
Shloka 23
"For both the king and the knower there is no
attraction for worldly enjoyment, and so their
happiness and contentment are comparable. One has
desirelessness because of enjoyment, the other
because of discrimination."
Shloka 26
 "Though there is similarity between the king and the
knower of Truth in desirelessness, there was misery
for the king in accumulating the objects of enjoyment
and the fear of losing them in future follows him."

Murthy Garu see the point here.  One can be desireless when the desires are
fulfilled and when one sees the futility of fulfilment.
VairAgyam as I understand at this point is Dispassion, Desirelessness and most
important in present day world is CONTENTMENT.  I am not talking at the level
of "Knower". Consider me as one with mumukshtvam, the burning desire to know.

Sada, Rama, Vidya, msr, giri, swami and others please post your views on
vairAgyam in simple language so people like me can understand.
VairAgyam What is it?

Sada I have written answers from Sami Chinmayananda on many questions.
Unfortunately I did not ask the question on vairAgyam.  I take Chinmayananda's
responses as pramanam as I have that belief in him.  Since you are one of the
faithfuls answer what his response would be.

Again this is a topic very helpful  to many, in unfolding the truth...
so please post what you know and understand "vairAgyam"

Shubham                                                      Nagy

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