Nanda Chandran Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Wed May 20 14:33:02 CDT 1998

GMurthy writes :

>In this analogy, I equate the
>truck with incriminating evidence to the mind with the thoughts going
>through; the mafia behind the crime to the viveka of the human that
>allows the (bad) thoughts to go through; we should look for that real
>culprit, our own viveka.

But than with what do *we* exercise our viveka? - the mind.

Am I'm mistaken in aligning the sense of discrimination with the mind?
But wouldn't it make more sense to actually consider the whole
contraption as the mind and the rest as it's various functions ie 1.
Ego, 2. The faculty of reasoning - the intellect, 3. Mind Stuff -
thoughts and 4. the Memory.

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