47. IshitvAdyaShTasiddhidA

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47. IshitvAdyaShTasiddhidA

SHE who bestows the eight powers.

The eight powers known as aShTa siddhis are

1. aNimA: This power enables the possesor to assume a minute form. It
can as minute as aNu (atom).

2. mahimA: This powers enables one to become huge.

3. laghimA: This power enables one to become very light.

4. garimA: This power makes very heavy like a mountain

5.  prApti: This power enables the possessorr to obtain anything he

6. IshitvA: This power enables Lordship to the possessor even over
divine beings like Indra (lord of devAs).

7. prakAmya: This enables one to fulfil all the desires by
irresistible will power.

8. vashitva: This enables one to have the entire cosmos under his

And when one has all these powers, all his desires vanish (yatra kAmAH
para gatAH).He enjoys their fulfilment without them because he is
AptakAmA, one whose desires are all fulfilled.

SHE bestows these powers to those qualify through spiritual practice.

AUM IshitvAdyaShTasiddhidAyai namaH

These powers are described in patanjali's yoga sutra. But the
aspirant is warned that hankering for these powers will lead him
away from the goal (liberation) and launch the aspirant in misery.

In yoga sUtra, instead of garimA, the power called
"yatrakAmAvashaitva" is mentioned.

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