Moksha and Mukti

Chelluri Chelluri at AOL.COM
Tue May 19 19:39:08 CDT 1998


In response to Sri Gummuluri Murthy posting which is a very good question, I
would like state from what little knowledge I have that Liberation I believe
is from "Agnaanam". I am so and so.

Once  you realize that I am not this body-mind complex you will be liberarted.
Tatvamasi. Once liberarted from desires,  one becomes a Jeevanmukta attaining
moksham right here on this little planet earth.

Last time when I was in Kanchi, Sri chinna swamy gave me some books on vedas
and state of jeevanmukta (discourse by paramacharya)  I will send these books
to Sri Murthy soon.



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