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Subject: Introduction

    Please allow me to humbly introduce myself as Krishnakumar Vaidyanathan
to the members of this mailing list. I am originally from Madras where I had
done my schooling till twelfth grade. Then I went on to complete both my
bachelors and masters degree in metallurgical engineering from Indian
Institute of Technology, Bombay. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in
materials science at University of Connecticut. I have been in this country
for the past three years now.
    Though I was born into a modest south Indian Brahmin family, my exposure
to spiritual world was limited to rites and rituals, without any basic
understanding. My interest in Advaita has been kindled by the discussions I
had with my friend Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian. Since then, I always wanted
to know more about Advaita from the philosophical point of view. I expect to
understand it better by communicating with people who have been practicing
it and as a result have better understanding than me. I hope to bring in the
religious approach eventually into my life.

Krishnakumar Vaidyanathan

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