4-Fold Qualifications / Conclusion

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Sun May 17 22:59:29 CDT 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  In conclusion to this presentation of the
four-fold qualifications - and since "mumukShu"
was elaborated on with the six accomplishments -
shrii Adi shaNkaraacharya also had this to
say about "vivekaH" and "viraagaH" in the
same section of "tattvabodhaH":

  nityaanityavastuvivekaH kaH ?
  nityavastvekaM brahma tadvyatiriktaM
sarvamanityaMam |
  ayameva nityaanityavastuvivekaH |

  What is meant by the discrimination between
the Eternal and the ephemeral?
  Brahman alone is the one nitya vastu, the
eternal factor. Everything else is anitya
i.e. impermanent. This conviction is the
discrimination between the Eternal and the

  viraagaH kaH ?
  ihasvargabhogeShu ichchharaahityam |

  What is dispassion?
  The absence of desire for the enjoyment (of
the fruits of one's actions) in this world, as
also in the other world.

  etat saachanachatuShTayam |
  tatstattvavivekasyaadhikaariNo bhavanti |

  These are the four-fold qualifications.
  Thereafter (i.e. after having acquired these
four-fold qualifications) they become adhikaaris
i.e. persons fit for the enquiry into the Truth.

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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