shrI lalitAtrishatI: summary of names beginning with e

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sat May 16 23:27:02 CDT 1998

21. ekArarUpA
SHE who is represented by the second akShara of panchdashakShari.
AUM ekArarUpAyai namaH

22. ekAkSharA
SHE is represented by AUM (praNavam)
AUM ekAkSharyai namaH

23. ekAnekAkSharAkR^itiH
SHE who has the form of one and many.
AUM ekAnekAkSharAkR^ityai namaH

24. etattadityanirdeshyA
SHE who cannot be described as this or that.
AUM etattadityanirdeshyAyai namaH

25. ekAnandachidAkR^itiH
SHE whose has the form bliss and consciousness.
AUM ekAnandachidAkR^ityai namaH

26. evamityAgamAbodhyA
SHE who is not defined by scriptures as such and such.
AUM evamityAgamAbodhyAyai namaH

27. ekabhaktimadarchitA
SHE who is to be worshipped with single minded devotion.
AUM ekabhaktimadarchitAyai namaH

28. ekAgrachittanirdhyAtA
SHE who is to be meditated on by single pointed minds
AUM ekAgrachittanirdhyAtAyai namaH

29. eShaNArahitAdR^itA
SHE who is endearing to desireless.
AUM eShaNArahitAdR^itAyai namaH

SHE [whose coiffure] has a divine fragrance
AUM elAsugandhichikurAyai namaH

31. enaHkUTavinAshinI
SHE who destroys the sins of HER devotees.
AUM enaHkUTavinAshinyai namaH

32. ekabhogA
SHE whose is the unitary enjoyment.
AUM ekabhogAyai namaH

33. ekarasA
SHE who is bliss.
AUM ekarasAyai namaH

34. ekaishvaryapradAyinI
SHE who bestows the unique aishvaryam (that is moksham) to HER devotees.
AUM ekaishvaryapradAyinyai namaH

35. ekAtapatrasAMrAjyapradA
SHE who bestows supreme over lordship to HER devotees.
AUM ekAtapatrasAMrAjyapradAyai namH

36. ekAntapUjitA
SHE who is worshipped in solitude.
AUM ekAntapUjitAyai namaH

37. edhamAnaprabhA
SHE who has ever increasing radiance.
AUM edhamAnaprabhayai namaH

38. ejadanekajagadIshvarI
SHE who is the ruler of many worlds vibrant with life.
AUM ejadanekajagadIshvaryai namaH

39. ekAvIrAdisaMsevyA
SHE who is worshipped by those who have conquered their senses.
AUM ekAvIrAdisaMsevyAyai namaH

40. ekaprAbhavashAlinI
SHE who possesses unique rulership.
AUM ekaprAbhavashAlinyai namaH

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