44. IdR^igityanirdeshyA

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Sat May 16 22:17:26 CDT 1998

44. IdR^igityanirdeshyA

SHE who cannot be determined as such and such.

The word "IdR^igiti" means having this measure, this form, this sign
and so on. That defines the qualities. SHE cannot be defined like
that. Often these qualities are defined using sense perceptions. SHE
is beyond them. "yachchakShuSha na pashyati" which means what the eyes
sees not [kenopaniShad 1-6]. Since SHE is beyond all sense
perceptions, SHE cannot be defined as having this form, this shape and
these qualities.

Upanishads which are part of vedas reveal the nature of the unkown.
They seek no other proof and they are self-authoritative. According to
upaniShadic school, SHE cannot be defined as such and such. To define
HER as such and such, would be a mere translation  of sense
perceptions and such a description cannot be self-authoritative.

AUM IdR^igityanirdesyAyai namaH

>From a translation of shankara's  shrI lalitAtrishatI by
Chaganti Suryanaryana Murthy.

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